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China Market price of glass will rise and fall shortly

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Float galss China Market price news-2017-12-13

 Today's welcome 3mm size board 3mm size board 3.5mm4mm size board raised 0.2 yuan, 5mm size board 6mm up 0.3 yuan, 8mm up 0.4 yuan, 10mm up 0.5 yuan, 12mm up 0.6 yuan, 15mm19mm up 1 yuan. Security 2.5-12mm increase 1 yuan / weight box, the Great Wall 2.7-12mm increase 1 yuan / weight box. Xin Lee 3.5mm3.8mm4mm raised 0.2 yuan, -5mm raised 0.3 yuan. Xin Lei 3.5mm up 0.2 yuan. Yuanhua 4.8mm5mm up 0.3 yuan, 6mm up 0.5 yuan. Great Wall plan late on the 18th unified increase 1 yuan / weight box, Xin Li plans on the 18th 3.5-5m raised 0.2-0.3 yuan. Haisheng plans 18 days all the original film and coating up 1 yuan / weight box.


In the past two days, the supply capacity of Shahe River decreased. Among them, 56 were reduced safely, Great Wall reduced 46 production lines, Dejin reduced 34 production lines and Changhong reduced 12 production lines. Jihengyuan reduced its production by 34.8 million Box, accounting for Shahe original film production capacity of about 20%. Shahe capacity reduction will greatly ease the contradiction between supply and demand in Shahe market, supply and demand of some products will reverse the reverse, there is a shortage.


      In the past two days, Shahe manufacturers concentrated production lines to reduce the information stimulus, Shahe market dealers and downstream processors appear substantial storage glass frenzy. Dealers getting goods enthusiasm, increasing the rate of increase, the market price changes day by day. Manufacturers shipments reached 200% -300%, better sales. Most small factories basically no inventory, the original inventory pressure larger inventories of larger manufacturers to reduce inventory pressure significantly reduced.


Up to now, the market price of Shahe glass mainstream sheet rose 0.5-2 yuan more than the beginning of the month. The main ingredients of the market price increase is the dealer price increase and price increases, manufacturers raise prices slightly slower. With the rising market prices of Shahe, it also effectively boosted the shipments of the neighboring Shahe manufacturers. Among them, the East China market reported a price increase of 20 yuan / ton under the price conference initiative and the rest mainly on a steady basis, with some areas sporadically rising.


Shahe glass market prices rose rapidly, mainly due to Shahe unique open dealer model. In the hike information stimulus, dealers large-scale storage of glass in the hope that the market outlook to make the price difference. However, the hyped market price also brings about market risk. Although Shahe capacity reduced by about 20%, the glass appeared in short supply situation. However, as far as the overall glass industry is concerned, supply and demand are still at a basic balance. Moreover, after half a month, the demand in the downstream areas of the northern part of the country has weakened even after the weather turns cold. When the price of Shahe glass is raised sharply, the advantage of Shahe glass price depressions will no longer be reduced. Shahe glass will be able to cover the area will be reduced, so Shahe glass re-enter the balance of production and sales, price stalemate. At present, the market price of Shahe Glass is full of price-lifting water. Once the production and sales of Shahe market enter the Asian balance, the dealers will release their own inventory, and the price will be competitively preempted. The price will drop slightly and the market price will drop slightly.


Fact is that the general trend of Beijing, Tianjin and Northeast China, in particular, northeast manufacturers are now mainly to none other. Shahe market prices upside down, will create the conditions for the northeast glass. Although the East China market rose, but compared to the crazy price of Shahe still there is a gap. South China, Central China, Southwest, Northwest smooth mainly Shahe stand out. Shahe market over the current speculation prices will inevitably lead to late trend down. Expected within a week, Shahe glass market price limit, part of the high price of products will be slightly lower market. The manufacturers in the effective reduction of inventories or will continue to rise, reduce the price of space for sale. Shahe glass market price will be stalemate at a certain point.


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