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  • Structural Glass Curtain Walls

    2017-12-01Structural Glass Curtain Walls

    Glass curtain wall (reflection glass curtainwall) refers to the support structure can be relative to the main structure of a certain displacement capacity, do not share the role of the main structure of the building envelope or decorative structure. Walls are single and double glass two. Glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of building wall decoration, is a prominent feature of the modern era of high-rise buildings. According to the FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Program) program in 2013, one million to nine million migratory birds die from these glass curtain walls annually in Toronto alone.

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  • Advantages and uses of toughened ultra white glass

    2017-11-20Advantages and uses of toughened ultra white glass

    Toughened ultra white glass Ultra white glass (tempered or tempered) is a kind of transparent low iron glass, also known as low iron glass, transparent glass. Mainly used for high transparency equipment, light transmittance of up to 95%. The product also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance. The highest temperature is 1200, and the lowest is -60. Ultra white glass is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass varieties, high transmittance, with crystal clear, high-grade elegant features, the glass family "crystal Prince" said. Ultra white glass also has all the machinable properties of high quality float glass. It has superior physical, mechanical and optical properties, and can be processed like other high quality float glass, such as hot bending and screen printing.

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  • Various glass defects and solutions

    2017-11-09Various glass defects and solutions

    Various glass defects and solutions, provide the glass produce and process Technical Support.

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  • Glass curtain wall construction process

    2017-11-08Glass curtain wall construction process

    Glass curtain wall construction process base on china curtain wall glass china factory and supplier

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  • What is Low E Glass?

    2017-10-20What is Low E Glass?

    Low-E glass also called Low-Emissivity glass, It is a coating of multilayer metals or other compounds on the surface of glass.

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  • What is color! Simple Talking about Glass Color

    2017-11-24What is color! Simple Talking about Glass Color

    Glass of a magical material, it is born for the light! Color, the result of the role of light and objects! Opaque objects have only a reflective color, and glass, in addition to being able to reflect colors, can transmit colors. Depending on the topic of glass and color, let's get some "color" to see.

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