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Anti-reflective Glass


Anti-reflective Glass china supplier and manufacturer. Jing Hai Glass factory is Building architectural glass china company of in Tempered Glass, Switchable Glass Smart Glass, Laminated Glass,Double-glazed  Insulating glass, Hollow glass, Low-E glass, Double silver LOW E Glass, Three silver LOW E glass, Stained Glass, Etc.

Antireflective or anti-reflection (AR) coating is a type of optical coating applied to the surface of glass to reduce reflection. The high quality anti-reflective glass that is used for the most innovative architectural applications. Premium quality glass offers unparalleled design possibilities, superior clarity and renowned durability. AR Glass is suitable for tempering, bending, lamination, printing, bonding, various edgework etc.

Features :

• no reflection - less than 0.5% per surface

• improved transmission - up to 97%

• easy to clean and abrasion resistant - meets ISO standards

• available with single side and double sides anti-reflective coating

• neutral colors in reflection and no color shift under and angle

• suitable for post processing

• easy to adapt - can be combined with LOW-E and other functional coatings

• high durability and long lifetime of the coating

• Extremely high transmission - no visible reflection (1%, instead of 8% with float glass);

• Reduction of unwanted reflection to provide perfect view through glass;

• High Color Rendering Index for crystal clear transparency;

• Perfect view in difficult lighting situations (e.g. during night-time at gas stations, etc.);

• Increases natural daylight in rooms and reduces the need for artificial lighting;

• Highly scratch-resistant;

• Easier to clean and easier to temper than sputter-coated products;

• Best bendable product on market;

• Long durability for end users, easy to clean, weatherproof for external applications;

Dimension Range

Max 1700mm * 3770mm


4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12mm

Anti-reflective Glass


Anti-Reflective Glass

Anti-Reflective glass(AR) is also called add-transmissivity glass. 

Adopting advanced magnetron sputtering vacuum coating technology,coating the Nano optics multilayer film on the glass surface,it can enhance the transmissivity of glass from 89% to more than 96% and reflectivity from 8% to less than 2%,for examples, four layers AR film on double surfaces,the transmissivity can be over 98%,the reflectivity can be lower 1%,no reflect and anti giddy light ,it makes image more clear with the strong light and improves the screen brightness to protect your eyes. 

AR glass.jpg


• Picture framing

• Architectural interiors

• Facades

• Shop fronts

• Museums

• Panoramic restaurants

• Showrooms

• Luxury commercial decoration

• Stadiums/arenas

• Historical preservation

• Waiting rooms

• Display windows

• Design elements

• Partition walls

• Artwork

• Cash dispensers

• Petrol stations

• Display cases

• Balustrades

• Store fixtures

• Lobbies

• Foyers

• TV and recording studios

• Observation rooms

• Display units

• Internal partitions

• Interpreter / sound booths

• Zoos and aquariums

• Terrariums and vivariums

• Airports

• Control towers

• Bulletproof windows


reflectance (Y)            transmittancecolor
Y<5.5%(single side double layers)>94%>93%>93%>92%bluish violet
Y<5%(single side four layers)>94%>93%>93%>92%neutral
Y<1.5%(double side double layers )>97%>97%>97%>96%bluish violet
Y<0.8%( double side four layers )>97%>97%>97%>96%


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