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6 + 6A + 6 mm LOW-E Insulating Glass

Jing Glass is the (6 + 6A + 6) mm LOW-E insulating glass manufacturers (hollow glass) from china , (6 +6 A +6) mm LOW-E hollow glass brand, (6 +6 A +6) mm LOW-E insulating glass prices,

 1) the maximum product specifications : 2540 × 3660mm; Minimum size: 300 × 700mm. 

2) General specifications: 3300 × 2140, 3300 × 2440, 3050mm.

6 + 6A + 6 mm LOW-E Insulating Glass


LOW - E hollow glass is in high quality float glass substrate surface by magnetron sputtering method, plating to a special multilayer metal or metal oxide, metal nitride films, thus forming a variety of visual effects and has different optical and thermal characteristics of coated glass. The product integrates various functions such as decoration, light control, heat adjustment, energy saving and environment improvement.

1, thermal performance: good heat insulation in summer, thermal insulation in winter, effectively reducing energy consumption.

2, aesthetic performance: the film is uniform, rich in color, with excellent decorative effect.

3, the unique stealth performance or one-way perspective function: because of the high reflectivity of the membrane, people can't see indoor people or objects far away from the 1m outdoor, but the indoor people can see the outdoor scenery clearly.

LOW E hollow glass is characterized by luxury, comfort, energy saving, environmental protection and so on. It is widely used in curtain walls and building decoration of large building glass, freezer industry, and high-grade windcars for highways and railways, windshields of cars, etc.


1) the maximum specification of the product: 2540 x 3660mm; the minimum specification: 300 x 700mm.

2) conventional specifications: 3300 x 2140, 3300 x 24403050 x 2134, 3050 x 2440, 1830 * 2440, 1830 x 2140.

3) glass thickness: 4 mm, 5 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 12mm, 16, 19mm; special requirements can be 20 mm.


It mainly has high permeability LOW - E, shading type LOW - E, double silver LOW - E, and toughened LOW - E. The product color is colorless and transparent, blue ocean, blue, emerald green, gold, different shades of colors there are dozens, to meet the different needs of various buildings.

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