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Ceramic Frit Glass

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Ceramic Frit Glass china supplier and manufacturer. Jing Hai Glass factory is Building architectural glass china supplier of in Tempered Glass, Switchable Glass Smart Glass, Laminated Glass,Double-glazed  Insulating glass, Hollow glass, Low-E glass, Double silver LOW E Glass, Three silver LOW E glass, Stained Glass, Etc.

Silk-screening ceramic frit onto glass lets a designer create a subtle or bold look for a building-using patterns and color. Silk-screened glass improves solar control performance and can be combined with clear or tinted glass substrates, as well as with high-performance coatings to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission. 


Features of Ceramic Frit Glass:

• Create a subtle or bold look for a building-using patterns and color;

• Improves solar control performance;

• Reduce glare and decrease solar transmission;

Dimension Range

Min 300mm * 300mm; 

Max 2400mm * 5000mm



Ceramic Frit Glass


Silk Screen Ceramic Frit Glass

The first step in silk-screening involves washing the annealed glass. Then, the ceramic frit paint is applied to one side of the glass.


Next, it is fired within a tempering furnace to create a permanent coating. The glass is always either heat strengthened or fully tempered to prevent glass breakage due to thermal stresses under sunlit applications.


APPLICATIONS of Ceramic Frit Glass

 • Picture framing

 • Architectural interiors

 • Facades

 • Shop fronts

 • Museums

 • Panoramic restaurants

 • Showrooms

 • Luxury commercial decoration

 • Stadiums/arenas

 • Historical preservation

 • Waiting rooms

 • Display windows

 • Design elements

 • Partition walls

 • Artwork

 • Cash dispensers

 • Petrol stations

 • Display cases

 • Balustrades

 • Store fixtures

 • Lobbies

 • Foyers

 • TV and recording studios

 • Observation rooms

 • Display units

 • Internal partitions

 • Interpreter / sound booths

 • Zoos and aquariums

 • Terrariums and vivariums

 • Airports

 • Control towers

 • Bulletproof windows


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