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Various glass defects and solutions

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Various glass defects and solutions

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Glass with stones or bubbles (concentrated in the pick-up pool) 

There are many small round bubbles in the product, blanket thickness The temperature in the furnace is too low If the furnace temperature is too low will lead to liquid material clarification is not good, no melt good material once it reaches the flow hole, clarification is too late Increase the temperature in the furnace. Accelerate the liquid melt process, reduce the amount of material at the same time improve power. 
Small stones or round bubbles The actual production capacity of more than the furnace design tonnage The batch / feedstock is not fully clarified The output must be below the maximum designed tonnage 
Small stones or round bubbles Clarifying agent with the material is not sufficient A small amount of clarifying agent is not conducive to the gas discharge glass liquid. Increase the content of clarifier 
Small stones and larger round bubbles Clarifier content is too high High content of clarifier will produce a lot of bubbles, too high sulfate content will produce bubbles Reduce the content of clarifier, until the feed liquid turn well to determine the proportion of clarifier in the feed side 
Small stones or large round bubbles Electrode cooling water jacket leakage Water vapor causes stones or bubbles Turn off the cooling water or replace the electrode cooling water jacket 

There are stones in only one course

There are crag stone fragments in the course The product supplied by this channel contains air bubbles. Cristobal element has been broken down Rinse the material to remove impurities
There are metal fragments inside or near the chute Big bubble Remove metal debris
Big long bubble Involved in the airBlender rotation or air entrained by the feeder Adjust the rotation speed of the stirrer so that it can be continuously changed
Stones / long bubbles Electrolysis All the inside of the material is occurring Disconnect the ground electrode or T / C 
Glass with stones or bubbles (concentrated in the pick-up pool) Large bubbles with metallic luster 
Electrolysis A galvanic cell is formed between the electrodes due to the potential difference Under the guidance of technicians DC plating suspicious electrodes 


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