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Windows can be converted into a solar heater with a cheap solution.

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With the addition of some cheap nanoscale antennas, your average window can now become an efficient solar water heater.

Just as Elon Musk Tesla wants to keep us from being a powerful solar rooftop power generation, scientists are trying to make our windows efficient solar power.

According to, an international scientist group recently published a paper in nanotechnology, revealing a simple, cheap solution for household energy efficiency.

Through a relatively simple process, they have proved that the use of plasma nanoscale antennas can turn glass into a solar thermal screen.

The nanoscale antenna consists of a nickel aluminum sandwich, like nanoellipses, and then forms a solar cell array of glass.

Evidence from the experiment shows that when the sun is exposed to the surface of the antenna, the light is more effectively absorbed in the front rather than on the back.

This is essential because it allows sunlight to absorb more from the external surface, and is almost completely transparent to people looking from inside and outside the window.

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Researchers say the researchers think the biggest benefit is not to make the windows a source of solar energy, but to prevent the sun from cooling. When you want to keep the house warm in the winter, cold windows become the main radiator and can be one of the biggest contributors to high energy bills.

This new solution will be able to offset the high energy and cost of waste, allowing the sun to heat the window a few degrees. The researchers say it is more easy to apply to any window, and the cost of installation is not high, because it is an effective "painting".

It is also suggested that nanantennae may have other applications that need to be heated by any surface that may be used for energy storage.

The next phase of the study will focus on how nanowires can achieve greater temperature rise by absorbing light sources such as ultraviolet and near infrared radiation.


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