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Heat-reflective coated glass

● Features of Heat-reflective coated glass :

Effectively limit the incidence of direct solar radiation, shading effect is obvious;

◆ colorful reflection of color and excellent decorative effects;

◆ indoor objects and building components have a good line of sight shielding function;

◆ The ideal ratio of visible light transmittance and reflectance;

◆ weaken the penetration of ultraviolet light

◆ Our company adopts unique technology to bend the steel without affecting the performance of heat-reflective coated glass.

Heat-reflective coated glass


Heat-reflective coating glass is a vacuum magnetron sputtering process, the surface of the glass plate coated with multiple layers of metal and metal compounds formed products. It has the function of controlling the transmission of visible light and shielding the solar radiation from entering the room, thus reducing the energy consumption of indoor air conditioners. At the same time, it also has a colorful and colorful appearance, which offers a variety of choices for modern architectural design. Its main role is to reduce the glass shade coefficient Sc, limiting the direct solar radiation through. The heat-reflective coating has no significant reflections on the far-infrared rays and therefore does not contribute significantly to the improvement of the U-value.Heat-reflective coated glass.jpg


● Application of Heat-reflective coated glass

Widely used in various types of building walls

 Specifications of Heat-reflective coated glass

◆ Size: The largest size 3300mm × 12000mm, the smallest size 300mm × 300mm

◆ Thickness: 3mm-19mm

● Heat reflective coated glass quality standards

In line with GB / T18915.1-2013 "sun control coated glass" national standards

● Precautions for use

Glass installation, the membrane surface should be inward, the glass side outward, and single-coated glass membrane surface protection to prevent scratches during installation.

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