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Solar Control Low-E Glass

Solar control low e glass is IGU save energy glass. Jing Glass is Low E glass china factory and china supplier company. We suppply the Solar control low-e glass sheet and panel,and have tow double glazing produce lines,  two laminated glass produce lines,  one tempered glass produce line, three CNC glass cutting line. we can provide the custom glass process service.

Solar Control Low-E Glass


The Solar Control Low-E Glass have very nice Save energy performance. widly apply to Building curtain wall, double glaziing, safe laminated galss.

The scope of application of Solar Control Low-E Glass 

1. Insulation and heat insulation so that it can be applied to tropical, temperate and cold areas. In the summer can effectively prevent the solar heat into the room, reflecting outdoor far-infrared heat radiation. In winter, solar thermal intensity is reduced by a third in summer to maintain proper insulation.

2. Suitable for a variety of building decoration and masking.


1. Appropriate visible light transmittance, blocking the outdoor line of sight, to achieve the best lighting effects.

2. Solar transmittance is low, effectively prevent solar radiation. SC <0.5

3. Far infrared reflectivity, low heat transfer coefficient (U value), good insulation properties

4. Make IGU (# 2) to save energy

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